Need to assess environmental risk?

Undertaking an extensive search of environmental records for a property and surrounding area is a crucial first step in comprehensive due diligence.

  • Clearly understand site history
  • Identify risks
  • Streamline projects
  • Save time and money


We understand that not all projects are the same. We provide a flexible product
offering along with research, customised GIS and mapping services to provide you with all the information you need to assess property risks. Ask us how we can help you!

Flexible approach

In addition to our Screening reports, showing both government data records and our own proprietary researched data sets, we offer many historical products such as topographic maps, parish maps, fire insurance maps, historical aerial imagery, historical commercial and trade directory data, historical titles, property certificates and dangerous goods searches.

Contact our team to discuss your specific requirements.


Historical Data

A range of digital historical data relating to potential contaminating land use practices dated back to 1930s.

Read more about data accuracy and reliability and our own research on historical data here:  Commercial, Trade and Business Directories

We research and check all our data, ensuring only the best quality and most accurate data sources are digitised, providing you with the most reliable data on the market.

Historical Imagery

Our historic imagery database consists of aerial imagery dating back to 1930, zoning maps, fire insurance maps, city surveyor maps, utility maps and topographic maps past and present.

Customised GIS Solutions

LIR can tailor packages to suit your requirements. We pride ourselves on being flexible and offering the most cost effective due diligence data solutions in the marketplace.