About LIR

Accurate and Comprehensive Environmental Risk Data

Land Insight & Resources (LIR) is a leading company offering the most comprehensive Environmental Risk Data in Australia.

We use industry best practice environmental analysis, paired with advanced data analytics to quickly identify environmental risks and land contamination.

Our search tools and screening reports help our clients quickly identify liabilities and opportunities in a specific area and/or surroundings.


Our services include:

  • Historical aerial imagery and parish maps
  • Site environmental background information
  • Contaminated land and potentially contaminating activities
  • Historical land use information
  • Planning schemes and planning information
  • Ecological data and sensitive land uses
  • Heritage data and information

Third party searches are also available, which include:

  • Property planning certificates
  • Historical title searches
  • Dangerous Goods Searches
  • Council searches and more


We provide several options for our clients, including data searches and screening reports. If you have specific requirements or looking for current and historical environmental risk data, contact our technical team at info@liresources.com.au

Management team

LIR was founded to ensure thorough and accurate information is used in property projects.

We use data analytics, technology and our extensive background in contaminated site assessment to research, catalogue and identify a range of current and historical site data relating to environmental risks and potential contaminating land use practices.

Using our datasets, we ensure our clients don’t miss important environmental information and historical land use history.

Our team has years of experience in the government and environmental sectors in Australia, with specialties in contaminated land, GIS, and data analytics. Our internal processes follow ISO 9001 standards to ensure we consistently provide products and services that meet both quality and regulatory requirements.

Ana Ouriques
Ana Ouriques

Ana Ouriques is an experienced data analyst with qualifications in Forestry Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Information Technology.  She has managed and lead a wide range of geospatial and data analytics projects for global environmental, engineering and planning practices.

Ana speaks on geospatial technology at various events and conferences and is a guest lecturer at UNSW. She was the vice-president of Australian Brazil Business Council for 2 years, the winner of Emerging Leaders Startup Category ARN, Westpac 200 Businesses of Tomorrow 2018 and Ruby Connection Women Entrepreneur 2016.

Tim Osborne
Tim Osborne

Tim Osborne joined Land Insight & Resources in 2017 as an Associate Director and have an extensive environmental industry experience.

Prior to join LIR, Tim has successfully run his own consultancy business for over 15 years, providing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and visual communication for some of the largest environmental, mining/extractive and infrastructure projects in Australia and internationally.

He began his career as a technical illustrator and is specialised in the collection, management and provision of aerial and other historical products to Land Insight & Resources.